Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Reid Jamieson Pre-Opening Party

On Nov.29th we'll be having a pre-opening party with Vancouver singer/song writer Reid Jamieson. Reid is a fabulous match for the coffeehouse since, like us, he sees that what he is doing is political. Making songs or making coffee, it is a political act. If you write mainstream songs for profit you are capitulating to supporting the politics of the status quo. That's not Jamieson's style, and its not ours. We both want positive change, good healthy affordable food and drink, culture that has something worthwhile to express, that is once again vital to a community's sense of identity and values. Hopefully, we will both be delivering on this commitment on Nov. 29, starting at 7pm. Here is a taste of Reid's offerings:

It's Not Enough (for Healing) - Idle No More

Game of Thrones (Vote!)

a different, more real, kind of Christmas song
Sentimental Song

and of course, every great Canadian artist has a relationship with the railroad
1 Rail

The new East Village Coffeehouse is one of only 4 dates Jamieson is making in a cross nation tour - we're the only place he is playing that is closed (haha). After the 29th we anticipate that we'll need to get some last details taken care of before we can open our doors for good, but why not have a great party before that?

Ok, so you can get tickets at the Coffeehouse any day, 10am - 11pm. Only $5 advance. Check to make sure we are there by calling 226-271-6141 but we are generally there 10am - 11pm so don't hesitate to knock. Or you can purchase tickets at 


This is going to be a very fun party. Limited tickets, so don't delay since we don't want to see that any of our friends fail to get in because we're at capacity. 

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