Saturday, 16 November 2013

Our Piano Stars on CTV

So we've been up to more than just renovating here at the new EVC. We were also interviewed for CTV:

Not bad considering that we aren't even open yet. We want to thank Jeremy Hayes for his work getting our fabulous sounding music system sorted out. But Jeremy is only one of many people who have dropped in to help us.

Dave Dillon traveled miles with a paint brush in the new place. George Manury, well the place would look nothing like it does without his carefully crafted tiling. Shawn lent us his truck and trailer to get our stuff out of the old place, then gave us an eye-popping gold trim which we installed above the main door. Rick at Ace Wrecking found our plank flooring which came out of old London attics. He also saved the original tin ceiling from a 100+ yr old church outside of the city and now its installed in the new coffeehouse. Dave Dillon and George designed our stage so that it made sense for musicians and the London bluesy rock band Backline Revival built it.

Michael-Ann cleaned and painted the insides of some of our windows, along with Dan, Candace Lawrence and Lynn Devine.

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